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Songs of the Warrior by Red Leaf Singers

Songs of the Warrior by Red Leaf Singers
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Traditional and historical warrior society and victory songs.
Sung by a group known through four generations as
traditional songkeepers for the Sicangu (Rosebud Sioux) Tribe.

Lakota words to each song, with English translations, on the insert.
Extended play.  85-1202  $15.00

The Red Leaf Singers are a well-known traditional singing group from the Rosebud Sioux Reservation, South Dakota. The four brothers, Percy, Roy, William, and Burgess, have developed a distinct vocal and drumming style that is the product of a lifetime of singing together. As the third generation of singers to carry the Red Leaf name, the brothers' reputation and popularity is based on their extensive repertoire of social, secular, and sacred music, their capabilities as song composers, and their role as teachers of singing traditions to young, aspiring singers.

"Songs of the Warrior" represents the Red Leaf Singers' first-ever commercial recording. The Veterans' and Soldier songs on this album belong to a rich legacy of music composed to honor the continuing Warrior Tradition of the Lakota People.

Due to space limitations, historical and compositional information have been omitted, but are available upon request from Dog Soldier Press.

Singers: Percy, Roy, and Willie Bad Hand. Burgess Yellow Cloud, and Leo Chasing In Timber, Sr.
Assisted in this recording by Red Leaf Takoja Members Alphonso, Pat, and Howard Bad Hand.


Songs featured on this album

Lakota Flag Song
Twelve Lakota Victory Songs
A Fly Boy Song
Korea Veteran Song
A Peace Song
A Horse Making Song
Three Lakota "49" Songs
Bald Eagle's Veterans Song
Charlie Chips' Soldier's Pipe Song
A Long Knives' Flag Song
A Veteran's Round Dance Song 

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