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Any Road by Burton Jespersen

Any Road by Burton Jespersen
Any Road by Burton Jespersen Any Road by Burton Jespersen
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Burton’s Notes – Any Road

This is my second CD project. The last one was ten years ago. I was living in LA at the time.

It may seem like a long time in between, but for me the spacing is just right.

Recording of this collection of songs has been a great experience. Any Road is a current musical statement. Even though not all the songs are new, it is a reflection of my music as it is today, more me than anything I have done before.

As with any project like this, it has been a collaborative effort. I have been lucky enough to have received the help and cooperation of many friends, some old and some new. I wish, of course, to thank the musicians involved for their years of dedication to the craft, enabling each one to bring their own high degree of skill and expertise to this project. There are others who also have helped, who did not play instruments on these songs, but nonetheless, made an invaluable contribution to this work.

Without the help and encouragement of all the people involved in my musical adventure over the years, I would not be as happy as I am, and I am very happy to be here writing this:

John Pruit for his faith, trust and great generosity. Mark Eagleheart for recognizing that it was time to get these songs into the studio and bringing this to John's attention. Don Richmond for having the great ability to see beyond all that he is involved in, which is always a lot, and for sharing my vision, keeping it so close to what I had in my mind and in my heart. Richard Morrison for his counsel, great patience and his massive amount of expertise in so many areas.

Geraint Smith for the great photos. Dee Morrison for her artistic eye and skill. Mark Bennet for being a friend who just stops by for a laugh, and plays great drums too.

There are so many others, whether or not directly involved, who have been there with their friendship, love and encouragement over many years:

Brett Perkins, Michael Glover, David Zink, Marty Grebb, Janni Littlepage, Peter Hesse, Melody Elwell Romancito, Rick De Stefano, Lani and Dennis Reinhart, John Poulos , my Mom, my sister, my cousins, all my co-writers who are listed for their part, and all the great songwriters, some who wrote the cover songs recorded here, and also the ones who wrote songs that have inspired and influenced me and made me keep hoping and dreaming of this time.

A giant THANK YOU to all! - Burton February 2012

Songs featured on this album

Any Road
Barrel of Rain
L.A. Blues
I Don't Care
Redwood Song
Red Truck Wine
Farmers Lament
Rio Grande
No Flies on Me
Gone Again
You Must Not Be Drinkin' Enough

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