Lakota Sacred Songs
of Native American Healing:

Sung As In Ceremony

Lakota Sacred Songs
of Native American Healing:

Sung As In Ceremony
Howard Bad Hand and Tom Teegarden

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Produced to accompany Howard Bad Hand's book Native American Healing
(Dog Soldier Press 2009)

Howard Bad Hand and Tom Teegarden sing with authentic pace and volume, accompanying themselves with hand drums just as they would in ceremony. This is as close to the real thing as you can get outside of an actual ceremony!

A note about the song titles:

In practice, ceremonial songs are not given titles. However, for the purpose of distinguishing the songs incorporated in the text of Native American Healing, Howard chose the most salient line of lyrics as the title of each song. Traditionally, lowampi songs are grouped in categories by the function they serve in the ceremony. On this recording, the songs the listener will experience fall into the following 15 categories (song numbers correspond to the song numbers used in the songtexts below--note that songs 9 and 10 are in the same category):

Canupa Ojuyapi Olowan (Pipe Filling Song)
Canupa Opagin Olowan (Pipe-Offering Song)
Tatioye Topa Olwan (Four Directions Song)
Wakan Tanka Taolowan (Great Spirit Song)
Lel Etunwan Yo (Personal Sacred Song)
Wicakicopi Olowan (Spirit Calling Song)
Tiuma Hiyupi Olowan (Spirit Entrance Song)
Wakan Ki Wacipi Olowan (Spirit Dancing Songs
Wakan Ki Woglakapi Olowan (Spirit Talking Song)
Wakan Ki Woglakapi Olowan (Spirit Talking Song)
Wakan Woayupte Olowan (Spirit Responding Song)
Wakan Kinanpe Olowan (Spirit Departure Song)
Wakan Wicak'upi Olowan (Offering Song)
Woawanyanke Olowan (Protection Song)
Wakn Iglustanpi Olowan (Ceremony Completion Song)

Howard Bad Hand is a Sicangu Lakota, a member of the Rosebud (S.D.) Sioux Tribe.

Howard Bad Hand is a Sicangu Lakota and a 4th generation member of the Red Leaf Singers, a family singing group from Rosebud, South Dakota well-known for its composition and performance of traditional Lakota music. Among his people, Howard is active as a singer, ceremonial leader, teacher and healer. He travels locally and worldwide, teaching character development, Native American music, and Lakota spirituality. He lives with his wife Terrie and family in Taos, New Mexico.

Tom Teegarden, who preferred not to have his picture included herein, has traveled the powwow trail for over 30 years and is well-regarded as a singer and composer of Northern Plains style social and ceremonial music. As a non-Native, Tom's unusual passion and enthusiasm for Native music have earned him recognition and respect throughout the powwow world. In his day job, Tom is CEO for Acoma Business Enterprises. He lives with his companion,Jennifer Skeet, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Tom and Howard have been singing together ever since they met as students at Dartmouth College in 1971.


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HSP 02-0502


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